My Natural Hair Journey

I’ve always been different from others even as a child, and I hated it. I wanted so badly to be like others. Talk like others, walk like others, look like others, smile like others and even plait my hair like others. But no, village people will not let me shine. Being different wasn’t exactly fun […]

Beauty Misunderstood

I grew up thinking the creation story is the scariest story ever told. Nothing beats the horror of imagining the tangible emptiness, gross “darkness” and formlessness, as “the Spirit of the Lord hovered over the face of the deep” had an eerie effect to it. At least my Sunday school teachers did a great job […]

Diary of a Lagos Babe II

Conductor say “how much am I holding you?”. I say “N50, but use it for mama”. Mama say “lailai, N30 ni ma fun, sha ma wo ntie (Never, Im giving him N30”, just dey observe), frantically searching a pouch fastened snugly arrand her waist. I say “mama, don’t worry”. The resounding “lailai” was accompanied by […]

Once Upon a Child Episode 6

I was a quiet little girl who loved to dream. I loved my space and books long before I understood the consequences of ignorance. I lived in my imagination and it was really beautiful in there. From those pages, I visited the four walls of this world. Curled up in one corner I’d read into […]

Life of a Lagos Commuter I

Hadjya was vexed about something. I couldn’t see her face but from the way her hand was flying randarrand punctuating the air, I could tell she’d make someone gasp for breath later that day. At first, it was some melodic string of Hausa syllables in fussy details. But before I could say JACK BAUER; some […]

Diary of a Hustler III

One day, about seven years ago, Bro Ademola Adeniyi Otto called me for a casting job laidat. He said they needed some singers for a church scene in one Nollywood film. That it’s a “tush feem” and there are plenty stars insai. So I called my younger brother join body, so that we can make […]

Diary of a Hustler II

Shey you know hard it gets sometimes as a student. “Ose igberaga” (proud week) laidis, you av blow all your pocket money taking pictures and buying everything in sight. You call home, and your parents say “my fren’ don’t call this number again. Who gave you my number, by the way?” So you conclude you […]

Diary of a Hustler I

I was at Renaissance Hotel earlier today for an event, and I remembered one stunt I pulled about 4 years ago laidat. I had gone for an interview at Ikeja GRA, but on getting there, I learned it had been rescheduled. Haaaa, o ja mi lara je. “Is that how my enemy will waste all […]

On Learning French

It wasn’t easy adjusting to the fact that NYSC allowee no dey show again. I was restless and the post-campus blues was hitting real bad. I thought it was a good time to learn something new while I waited to get a job, so, I signed up for A1 at Alliance Francaise. And from then […]