Once Upon a Child XI

I made a curious observation at a-year-old birthday party quite recently. Babies born in this era of accolades don’t cry during their one year birthdays as much as we did during our era. Why? I asked. The answer is simple; they are selfie natives. Every day is a holiday, an excuse to be vain and […]

Once upon a Child X

Wednesday and I were never friends, and I had my reasons. From kindergarten to secondary school, the only time I had proper secular education was when I went to Unilag. Mrs Peters, the proprietress of Philomena Nursery and Primary School was a devout Apostolic Faith woman. So every Wednesday like this, we all sat in […]

Once upon a Child IX

This time years back, my mum would take my sisters and I to Eko market and buy us “ready-made” a.k.a imported dresses, knee-length white socks, konkon shoe and other paraphernalia of Yuletide. We’d elbow our way through the pressing crowd, momentarily getting missing, as my mum tore through the crowd, screaming “omo mi omo mi” […]

Once upon a Child VII

Her skin was the richest shade of brown with the gleam of good furniture on it. I could’ve sworn she polished it all night with Cocoa Butter. She wasn’t quite mad you see, but her life had its own pace, a little relaxed than ours. Often, she recalled a joy locked away in the distance […]