Tales by Street Lights

Alter-neck top, black as it can be. Outdone only by her brown skin, skin so smooth with the glean of a good furniture. And if the floral pants – that hugged her narrow behind a few inches too tight – could pass for style. Well, yes she was a sight. And just when you thought, […]

Drama at the Library II

Small squeaky sound like this, they do face like something I’m not understanding then an incoherent “hian”. My punishment for coming to the library late. And after 5 minutes of not being able to secure a seat, I settled into the seat of one egbon that “stepped out jest now”, yeah right!!! Some people should […]

Drama at the Library I

His smile was insistent and warm, a little out of place, like a brilliant sun in another galaxy. Not a likely find in the library. Well, there was something unsettling but endearing about him, I later discovered it was the French. In his mind, he’s the only one that can speak French in the library. […]

No Hustle is too Small

I was in my first year at UNILAG when Bro Ademola Adeniyi Otto called me for a casting job like that. He said they needed some singers for a church scene in one Nollywood film. That it’s a “tush feem” and there are plenty stars insai. So I call my younger brother join body, so […]

All for the GP

Omo, things we do jest to collet “safticate”… Of all the things that happened in my undergraduate days, I will never forget thi one. So it was my third year in Unilag, and Dr Ohiovoriole sent us to our villages to rescue our indigenous cultures from extinction. Wait o, have I told you about Dr […]

Count your Hustles…

Shey you know hard it gets sometimes as a student. “Ose igberaga” (proud week) laidis, you av blow all your pocket money taking pictures and buying everything in sight. You call home, and your parents say “my fren’ don’t call this number again. Who gave you my number, by the way?” So you conclude you […]

The Nigerian Dream

So I went to make a delivery that sunny afternoon at UBA Marina and I thought a drink was in order. But no sooner had the rim of Fanta bottle touched my lips than my tummy started doing ”skiborobi”. “Haaaa village people tun ti de” one of the voices in my head wailed. “Calm down […]

Gidi Grind

I was at Renaissance Hotel earlier today for an event, and I remembered one stunt I pulled about 4 years ago laidat. I had gone for an interview at Ikeja GRA, but on getting there, I learned it had been rescheduled. Haaaa, o ja mi lara je. “Is that how my enemy will waste all […]