My Natural Hair Journey

I’ve always been different from others even as a child, and I hated it. I wanted so badly to be like others. Talk like others, walk like others, look like others, smile like others and even plait my hair like others. But no, village people will not let me shine. Being different wasn’t exactly fun […]

Tales by Street Lights

Alter-neck top, black as it can be. Outdone only by her brown skin, skin so smooth with the glean of a good furniture. And if the floral pants – that hugged her narrow behind a few inches too tight – could pass for style. Well, yes she was a sight. And just when you thought, […]

I am not a Feminist

So folks have been talking about feminism and atheism and I have been here sipping my Redinny Zobo and Ipanu Chops me that I cannot fight before. I will not say anything, all I want to tell you is my favourite scene in the film, 300. When Eran Iya Osogbo came asking for “Earth and […]