I am not a Feminist

So folks have been talking about feminism and atheism and I have been here sipping my Redinny Zobo and Ipanu Chops me that I cannot fight before. I will not say anything, all I want to tell you is my favourite scene in the film, 300. When Eran Iya Osogbo came asking for “Earth and Water” and Aunty mi Sophie that dinnor have chill before, cut Eran to size (pun intended). 

Sis Sophie: Don’t be coy or stupid, Persian. You can afford neither in Sparta.
Eran: What makes a woman think she can speak among men?
Sis Sophie: Because only Spartan women give birth to real men. #mygorrr still gives me goosebumps.

Meawhy, Broda mi Gbolahan was quiet until Eran demanded “submission” from him. Haaa Jesus wept with reckless abandonment, that is when a string come and snap in Dante, now come and do “tirriiinriinnnrinnnn” in broda mi head. He cornered the savage and his crew at the edge of Koto Orun with a blade pointing at his throat. 

Bro Gbolahan: You bring the crowns and heads of CONQUERED KINGS to my city steps. You INSULT MY QUEEN and THREATEN MY PEOPLE with slavery and death.

Eran: This is blasphemy. This is madness. No man, Persian or Greek threatens a messenger. Choose your words carefully, Leonidas for they may be your last as King.

Thinking he had taken matters too far broda mi began to thaw but on looking at Aunty mi Sophie who merely lifted and dropped her head so lightly you could have imagined it; he got the message and revved to life.

Broda mi: I’ve chosen my words carefully, Persian. (Please when??? you’d ask. But just before he kicked Eran Iya Oshogbo inside Koto Orun; he needed to reiterate) “This is Sparta!” So it rings in his head as he transits into the afterlife.

The words in capital letter above represent the Spartan Code of loyalty to “the throne”; “family” and the “people”. But the Persian having no inkling whatsoever threatened to annihilate everything that makes him (human, no scratch that out) Spartan, within 3 minutes in the scene, #ohgorrr and his woman nitori Olorun??? Did you even see the Persian’s face as he fell? No you didn’t. It was not even fear or shock. It was confusion, like how can a woman be so important?

Please tell me, do you think feminism would be necessary in a society as Sparta, where a woman’s voice carries that much weight? While it’s a patriarchal society, they adore and respect their women. What we fail to realize is that “abuse is inevitable” when the value of a person or thing is not known. Since its inception,  abuse has always been the trigger of feminism. That’s why we have more feminists, I mean aggressive feminists in areas where women are most oppressed.

I am not a feminist, but I sympathize with abused persons regardless of their gender. And if I see a vulnerable woman exploited by a man, I’d do anything in my power to rescue her. I don’t believe in equality, I believe in complementarity, because nothing is equal in life. If no two men are equal; just as no two women are equal, how can a man and a woman be equal? Life itself subsists on complementarity, and never equality.

This is what the yin/yang philosophy tells us. That  harmony between the #yin and the #yang essences speaks to complementarity and not equality or superiority or inferiority. The male and female are opposite yet complimentary energies, the interdependence of “two relative aspects of a phenomenon.” We should celebrate our uniqueness rather than emphasize our differences. That is the heritage I want to hand down to my children. That men and women are better together, and as custodians of love, we must live it out in all material particular.

Thank you.


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