Paradise was a Lie

Childhood was paradise; pretty, proud and free.

We floated through life and drank our fill of heaven’s best.

We seized the hands of time and dragged him along for a lazy stroll.

We will live forever.

Our happiness sealed with God’s own hands; we were sure of that.

But paradise was a lie.

Time slid by and passed like a fever.

Nights grew cold; music low.

Weary eyes now peek through the window

Two old jokes, too tired to care…

Post Author: Arinola Ogunniyi

I tell simple everyday stories we take for granted in ways you wouldn't have imagined them. From dated stories, myths, reviews, "street-lores" to topical issues, these mind bending series will leave you begging for more. And if you trip over my sentence structures, it's part of the experience. You can call me the Last Story Bender. I mastered the rules of language to break them.

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