Drama at the Library II

Small squeaky sound like this, they do face like something I’m not understanding then an incoherent “hian”.

My punishment for coming to the library late. And after 5 minutes of not being able to secure a seat, I settled into the seat of one egbon that “stepped out jest now”, yeah right!!! Some people should just return to primary school. Me I’ll sha stay small before egbon enter.

At any rate, he is chopping “Mama Ogoja” at Jaja Complex, bent over a bowl of fufu and afang toh wicked. He will come abt 30 mins after, crash into his seat and nap for about 45 mins and he won’t leave until that useless beagle in the library goes off at 9:30 pm, giving me IPP.

I know him because I can recognise his laptop with stickers and all. Meawhy, me I have borrow his seat. Bert no sooner had I sat than the dude showed up, sweaty and all.

I take dressing.

Egbon crashed hinto is seat and started his business for the day.

“Fraahhhghkkpppgg”, ” frawwwwghhhppaaaag” “fraaahdfppttjttrhhhhh”.

‘hol up one second. I muttered a prayer under my breath, “please dear Lord, he can’t be sleeping already”. I heard him reply, ” my daughter, my daughter, let’s don’t evin be going there”. As if on cue, he gave me a nasal “Frraawhhhh” again and this time on a G. I dye.

Three snores after, our Deeper Life Mama Library would trace the sound and locate the culprit. As usual, he’d deny it. “Me, what do you mean? Don’t talk to me like that, I’m a married man” or something in that category. I need this laff, so, I count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

“Jentuman, what is strong with you…?” And the aforementioned brouhaha ensues.

Me, am thinking the figurine in his grandpa’s shrine is thirsty. Somebody give the dude palm oyel and pigeon blood, so I can face what brought me here.

As I was reading o jare…

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